Teri cares about EVERYTHING! She's a very nice, very polite yet tenacious pit bull who bars no holds with throwing her companies weight around to push anyone from the opposing camp or appraisers, surveyors, attorneys or lenders from your own camp to meet the obligations they have promised or to fight your negotiation. She uses an electronic signature system that easily cuts MONTHS off the closing process and allows for instantaneous transfer of documents to and from ANYONE. No other party can make delay while pretending, "they didnt get it" in the mail - Teri knows all and sees all. Once she catches someone lying to you she OWNS THEM... this leads most people to just not lie to her (you) and meet the obligations they have agreed to... on the timeline they agreed to. We had literally the most difficult closing on the most difficult property with the most difficult terms and she made sure it happened in the same timeline that my relatives bought their houses on with standard purchases.